Drug Discovery Research

Drug Discovery Research

Suven Life Sciences Limited is a Bio-pharmaceutical company in existence since 1989 based at Hyderabad, India. Suven Life Sciences is committed to i) Discovery & development of New Chemical Entities (NCEs) for CNS disorders ii) Research Collaborative Projects (CRP) with major Pharmaceutical companies & iii) Providing niche scientific services through Drug Discovery Research Services. Suven has all its state-of-art facilities with highly qualified & experienced Scientists and Managers.

Suven Life Sciences offers Drug Discovery Research Services to global Pharma and Biotech companies, specializing in Physicochemical properties; screening (Receptors/Enzymes); Assay development; and Drug metabolism & Pharmacokinetics in rodents, non-rodents; Brain penetration; Microdialysis; Receptor Occupancy; CNS Pharmacology; Safety Pharmacology; and In-vivo rodent Toxicology; Histopathology; Clinical Pathology and Bioanalysis.


In-vitro Screening & Molecular Biology

Suven Life Sciences offers comprehensive range of In-vitro services and Screening programs to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries around the world for increasing the productivity of drug discovery and development programs.

We have developed fully characterized and validated screening assays include:

  • In-vitro screening assays
  • Electrophysiology assays
  • In-vitro permeability assays
  • In-vitro cytotoxicity and phospholipidosis assays

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