Drug Discovery Research

Suven discovery research is focused on discovering and developing new chemical entities (NCEs), which are best in class central nervous system therapies for the treatment of cognitive disorders, major depressive disorders, sleep disorders, psychiatric disorders, pain and inflammation, gastro-intestinal motility disorders. Research targets includes serotonin 6 receptor, serotonin 4 receptor, histamine 3 receptor, Nicotinic acetylcholine (Alpha4beta2) receptor, muscarinic M1 receptor, muscarinic M4 receptor, multimodal (Dopaminergic and seretonergic receptor) and P2X purinoceptor 7 receptor.

Clinical Pipeline

Candidates Pre-clinical & GLP Tox Clinical Phase Indication
SUVN-502 5-HT6 antagonist Alzheimer's Disease
SUVN-G3031 H3 inverse agonist Cognitive Disorders
Sleep Disorders
SUVN-D4010 5-HT4 partial antagonist Cognitive Disorders
SUVN-911 α4β2 antagonist Major Depressive Disorders
SUVN-I6107 M1 PAM Cognitive Disorders

Research Pipeline

Program NCE Profile Indication
Multimodal (Dopaminergic and seretonergic receptor modulator)
  • Potent, orally bioavailable with excellent brain penetration
  • Robust efficacy in various animal models of psychosis and depression
  • Modulation of dopamine, norepinephrine in cortex
  • Good margin of safety; Separation from motor side effects
Psychiatric Disorders
5-HT4 agonist
  • Potent, selective, non-brain penetrant
  • Clean cardiovascular safety profile
  • Potential to treat serious GI motility disorders
Gastro-Intestinal Motility Disorders
M4 PAM Hit to Lead stage Psychosis
Dual M1/ M4 agonist Hit to Lead stage Cognition and Psychosis
P2X7 antagonist Hit to Lead stage Pain and Inflammation