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Suven Discovery has 12 years experience in discovery and development of several small molecules to clinic in CNS; serving pharma and biotech industry through collaborative research (Eli Lilly) and fee-for-service (AstraZeneca, BMS, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Abbott, Eli Lilly, Lundbeck, Reviva, Theravance, Onconova, Kareus).

Suven Discovery Services: Medicinal Chemistry, Process Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Structure elucidation, Impurities, Metabolite Synthesis; Physicochemical properties; In-vitro screening (Receptors & Enzymes); Assay development; In-vitro and In-vivo Drug metabolism & Pharmacokinetics in rodents, non-rodents; Brain penetration; Microdialysis; Receptor Occupancy; CNS Pharmacology; Safety Pharmacology; In-vitro and In-vivo rodent Toxicology; Histopathalogy; Clinical Pathology, Bioanalysis.

Suven Discovery offers Aggressive timelines together with high scientific quality and documentation for your decision making of molecule progression in drug discovery.

In-vitro Screening, Assay Development & Molecular Biology


Suven Discovery has developed fully characterized and validated screening assays for targets in GPCR, transporters, Nuclear Receptors and Ligand gated ion channels.

Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics


Suven Discovery is dedicated to provide quality PK/TK/ADME services to assist pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in preclinical development and candidate selection. We have established various in-vitro (all species, hepatocellular, microsomal, supersomal, plasma, etc) and in-vivo (Rodent - mice, rat, rabbit, guinea pig & Non Rodent - Beagle dogs) pharmacokinetics and metabolism assays.



Suven Discovery has established various safety and CNS pharmacology (Cognition, Depression, Anxiety, Pain & Obesity) models to screen and/or develop lead compounds. We utilize our scientific expertise to validate new drug targets or to develop novel models for assessing client-specific targeting needs.

Toxicology and Genotoxicity  


Suven Discovery is offering exploratory and discovery rodent (mice and rat) toxicity evaluations (4, 7, 14 and 28 day), including histopathology/review & clinical chemistry and In-vitro AMES assays to assist pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in preclinical development and candidate selection.



Suven Discovery offers a seamless process for your pharmacokinetic and toxicokinetic evaluations, one that begins with formulation and dosing, followed by sample collection and bioanalytical method development, validation and ending with data analysis and report generation. Quantitation of your compound in biological matrices such as blood, plasma, serum, urine, and tissues is usually accomplished using LC-MS/MS. Access to scientific expertise and technical support for data interpretation. All bioanalytical services are conducted according relevant regulatory guidelines.

Aggressive Timelines Together with High Scientific Quality
Decision Making for Your NCE’s Progression to Clinic

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